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A retro ski lodge with a Japanese twist

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Photo by Nishant Annu

Photo by Nishant Annu

Photo by Nishant Annu

Photo by Nishant Annu

If you’re coming to ski at Yamagata Zao Ski Resort, and you want to maximize your time on the slopes, Sangoro is a great place to stay. A retro-styled ski lodge, Sangoro was originally founded in 1975, but underwent major renovation in 2013, so you can rest assured, knowing that you’ll have all the modern comforts you might need.

Sangoro prides itself on giving its guests the absolute best access to the mountain. In fact, due to the closure of mountain roads during the winter, the lodge is only accessible by ski lift! (Make sure you get to the lift before 5pm!) To get to the lodge, you’ll need to take either the Zao SkyCable or the Chuo Ropeway. Both are gondola-type lifts, so you’ll have more than enough room for whatever luggage you might be bringing up with you. Just give the lodge a call before you get onto the ski lift, and they’ll be there to pick you up at the station when you arrive.

The lodge has 12 rooms in total: 6 one-bed rooms (which sleep up to 2), 4 two-bed rooms (which sleep up to 4), 1 four-bed room (sleeps up to 8), and 1 eleven-bed room (for large groups). They also offer guests the option to check-in early, so skiers looking to make the most of their time in Zao, can come in in the morning, enjoy a full day on the slopes before heading back to Sangoro for the night. The 1st floor lounge area is cozy, with multiple wood stoves burning. Warm up over a cup of coffee in between ski sessions or wind down with a draft beer at the end of the day. Lunch and dinner options range from Japanese classics like yaki udon to classic ski-lodge comfort food like seafood chowder.

However you choose to spend your time at Sangoro, you’ll have a team of dedicated staff, many of whom speak excellent English, to provide you with everything you need to make your Zao ski trip legendary.

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Nice cozy place with great food, everyone visiting Mt Zao should visit Sangoro.

Keagan Bell ★★★★★

Nice food, great place for a coffee during a day on the slopes

Cesare Tagliaferri ★★★★★



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